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Congress is considering TWO new laws that threaten to crush live music and dancing while throwing innocent people in jail. They are similar to the RAVE ACT, which fines and jails property owners for the drug offenses of their customers.

NEW! The ESCSTASY AWARENESS ACT would throw anyone in jail who "profits monetarily from a rave or similar electronic dance event knowing or having reason to know" that some people will use drugs. It could become law soon without your help.

NEW! The CLEAN-UP ACT makes it a federal crime - punishable by up to nine years in prison - to promote "any rave, dance, music or other entertainment event, that takes place under circumstances where the promoter knows or reasonably ought to know that a controlled substance will be used or distributed." It could become law soon without your help.

These proposed laws make criminals out of every concert promoter, nightclub owner, and stadium or arena owner. The government is making unreasonable demands- they can't even keep drugs out of their own prisons, yet they want to punish business owners that can't keep drugs out of their events.

Every musical style could be affected by these laws, including rock, hip-hop, country and electronic music.

Four Things You Can Do:
1 find out more about the attack on music and dancing at
2 contact congress. you can fax them for free at
3 spread the word by distributing flyers at events, sending action alerts to your email lists and putting our "never stop dancing " banner ad on your website. See "What You Can Do" at )
4 Contribute to drug Policy Alliance's campaign to stop these bills. You can

"LEGALIZE DANCING IN NYC" catch the on-going radio series

Why is it illegal to dance in most places in New York City? Although there are currently 5,000 liquor licenses in the five boroughs you can only dance in 296 places. You are not allowed to dance to the jukebox or DJ at your local bar. YOu are not allowed to move to the rock band or jazz act at your nighborhood club. In 1960 there were 12,000 cabaret licenses in the five boroughs. In 2001 there were 296.

Nightclubs are also restricted in zoning, meaning cabaret licenses are noly granted to venues in major commercial centers, industrial or manufacturing districts, effectively making it illegal to dance in any residential area. The permit process is long, costly and uncertain. Approval is required from the Dept. of Consumer Affairs, the NYC Planning Commission, The Fire Department, Buildings Department and local community boards, among others all of whom work independently from each other.

In 1997 Rudy Gulliani created the multi-agency Nightclub Enforcement Task Force to crack dwon on clubs as part of his "Quality of Life" campaign. Deputy Mayor Rudy Wahsington goes on the record stating, "We've been closing down these little buckets of blood (nightclubs) for about three years and paralyzing them." Coney Island High, Baby Jupiter, Hogs & Heifers, Vain, Rivertown Lounge, No Moore, Kintting Factory and Lakeside Lounge are just a few of the places that have been fined or padlocked for illegal dancing.

A survey sponsored by the New York Nightlife Association and conducted by Audeince Research and Analysis reporst that approximately 24.3 million people come to New York City's music and dance clubs per year, exceeding the combined attendance of Broadway theaters, city sports teams, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Empire State Building, while contributing $2.9 billion to the city's economy and providing over 27,000 jobs.

Social dancing is not a safety issue. This does not mean we don't support strict compliance with all fire safety codes, capacity numbers, noise ordinances, alcohol and drug laws, only that the act of dancing never be restrained in any manner.

Keep "Granpa" Al Lewis and his lovely wife Karen in your prayers and thoughts he is a true freedom fighter. He can be heard on WBAI Live every Saturday 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m.

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