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Partner Phone Card
Partner Phone Card
Traveling abroad very often? Worried about the high expense you incur in making calls back home and work? Don't sweat! With international calling cards you cut your long distance phone bills but almost 50%. Moreover, you benefit from being able to make calls to almost 50+ different countries globally at economical rates, whenever you want.

Having to pay less for talking more is a great benefit of international phone cards. These telephone cards allow you to not just call long distances in your own country, but you can call up your family, friends, and employees who are stationed outside your country. Whether you need to call your friend to say a 'Hello' because you miss them, or you want to discuss an important business development with your employee/colleague/boss, you can now avoid paying huge bills by using international calling cards. But, that's not all. When you use an international phone card you also enjoy full freedom and low rates depending on your calling card company.

Types of International Calling Cards
Basically, there are two types of calling cards - disposable or refillable. Most of the international calling cards come with their own PIN. You can buy international calling cards in different denominations. Depending on the charge/minute for your particular calling card, you'll be debited for it either directly or then the charge will be applied to your fixed line billing account. You can pay for your usage with either your credit card or a prepaid credit system. Again this is dependent on your service provider. Most phone cards have varying methods of payment and each can be used for multiple requirements to make international, long distance calls.

Master Cent Phone Card
Master Cent Phone Card
Nowadays you get two types of international phone cards. One type comes with a remote memory, while the other comes with stored value. Cards with stored value have a pre-fed amount of dollars that can be spent on making long distance or overseas calls. For ex: If you buy a card worth $5, you'll be able to make calls worth $5 or less (depending on the fees, taxes etc) till the time the amount of credit gets exhausted. When using pre-fed cards from pay-phones, you simply have to dial the toll-free numbers and enter your PIN when prompted. The pay-phone would then be able to read your card balance and allow you make a new call if the balance allows it.

As far as remote memory international calling cards are concerned, they too have a toll-free number facility. Each time you want to make a new overseas call, you'll have to punch in the toll-free number and follow the instructions of the voice in order to make that call. You can also know your card balance by dialing the toll-free number.

Why Use International Calling Cards
Finally, international phone cards and calling cards are worth the investment because they give you the freedom and flexibility to call back home at lower rates, when you want, and where you maybe. Moreover, there is a wide choice of phone cards including pre-paid and post-paid calling card. So, now there is no stopping you from staying in touch with your family and friends.

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