Camille Cosby's Speech

Camille Cosby's Speech

It is even more crucial to vote this year. Imagine what would happen if Bush is in the White House when this issue comes up in 2007!! Below you will find a speech that Bill Cosby's wife gave at a function. Everyone please read this and pass it on to as many African Americans you come in contact with.

Camille Cosby just made a reference about the Voting Rights Act in her most recent open letter on racism. This is extremely important. We are quickly approaching the 21st Century and we were wondering, and when I say 'we', I mean others of us out there who wonder if everyone else out there knows what the significance of the year 2007 is to Black America? Did you know that our right to VOTE will expire in the year 2007? Seriously! The Voters Rights Act signed in 1965 by Lyndon B. Johnson was just an ACT. It was not made a law.

In 1982, Ronald Reagan amended the Voters Rights Act for another 25 years. Which means that in the year 2007 we could lose the Right to vote! Does anyone realize that African Americans are the only group of people who require PERMISSION under the United States Constitution to vote! In the year 2007, Congress will once again convene to decide whether or not Blacks should retain the rights to vote (crazy but true). In order for this to be passed, 38 states will have to approve an extension. This is ludicrous! Not only should the extension be approved, but also the ACT must be made a law. Our right to vote should no longer be up for discussion! , review and/or evaluation.

We must contact our Congress-persons, Senators, Alderpersons, etc., to put a stop to this! As bona fide Citizens of the United States, we cannot "drop the ball" on this one! We have come too far to let government make us take such a huge step backward. So please, let us push forward to continue to build the momentum towards gaining equality. Please pass this onto others, as we are sure that many more individuals are not aware of this. I urge all of you that are able, to contact those in government that have your vote and make them aware of our combined concern for this issue. One voice!...... One Vote! You cannot complain, if you do not participate.....local, State, & national......

When I received this one I had no choice but to pass it on.

What are we gonna now!!!!!!!!

I have this to say to that. We lost because we letthe DLC take over DNC once again in our elections. First of all as far as Ralph Nader is concerned weneed him at the table this time we don't need him as an advisary we need him at the head of the table.
Second the Democratic Party needs to back to their roots. No more fancy parties, no letting Bush getaway with losing uranium that why Dashle lost stopletting the republican party push the agenda of moraland high grounds when they FUCK up bash 'em, get intheir face call the Hanitys and the Lintball and call them on their shit.
The conservatives believe that itis revelution time they have no clue what is coming down the pike.
Thirdly we need to take it to 'em start mobilizing for voter reform. No one should wait four hours to vote and when they do the machines don't work,not only that we don't have alot of time we have only5 seats in the senate to hold on to. We have got to start putting a foot in the behind of the senators to get this done. Going back to Ralph, I think that thisshould be his next crusade voter reform.



LOVE YA RED SOX WE BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Thoughts.....On and on and on...

I am sitting here between the parallel of boredom and gratitude. Frozen between what to do if anything what not to do. Bored to tears, Not really. I'm not a deep person, once in a while I have a deep thought now and again.

I wonder why is it so hard for people to talk about religion and politics. Why is it so difficult to fathom that we are all the same or that the different parts so it can reach everyone's ear.

I get Christian email, I see people praying in the copy room in the mornings not that I am offended by outward expression but I guess it sort of envy it. Picture this, what if a Muslim sent what they thought was an "inspirational" email to there co-workers quoting different surahs from the Qua'ran or Hadiths. Or better yet, a Christian walks past the copy room in the morning and spots 10 Muslims making salat (prayer) with prayer rugs and the whole nine.

I'll you exactly what will happen with the email the well meaning Muslim would have been fired or severely reprimanded for being "sensitive" of their fellow co-workers beliefs. The praying Muslims would have been FIRED and turned in to the authorities on the ground of "national security", or trying to "WAGE JIHAD" in the workplace.

It is very obvious that there is no religious freedom in this country. Since 9-11 George Bush and his cronies make it okay to be ignorant , close minded and ethnocentric. It's not okay not in the least bit, it's not funny, cute , it's not okay to mask bigotry under the guise of fear no matter what has happened.

Why ARE Americans so fearful of having meaning dialogue about religion and politics, what keep us divided on such issues. If we were to pick up and read each others holy books we would find that the story of each leader be it the story of Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, Buddha or Moses; Most would find that these leaders share several experiences.

  1. They all found enlightenment, was informed of their mission
  2. They had small amount followers
  3. The believers were persecuted
  4. They were all ran out of there homeland
  5. They all did to have to make the sacrifice, they were either rich or lived comfortably
These are just some of the things I noticed and I didn't have to look very far. I am a Muslim but coverting to Islam helped me to be more open minded about other people and their belief structures.

Like it or not America has got to become apart of the global community and events like 9-11 makes that all to real. Americans have got to stop wanting to be saved by the "good ol boys" like Ronald Reagan or even George Bush. We've got to be more progressive in our thinking and move forward and leave narrow minded ethnocentric bigotry behind and hang on the shelf of the past where it belongs. Religion and politics when discussed intelligently can move our country to a more progressive path and help us to better embrace others and truly have a melting pot in this country. Or we'll just keep repeating the past on and on and on and on ......LETS STOP IT AND MOVE PROGRESS FORWARD.

One World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JULY 25-29
I will do my best to attend an event and report on it for the campaign. I will also do my best to have my opinions posted every night about each major speech. I am so excited about this convention it's ridiculous. I'm broke unemployed networking consultant so I will be here covering this as much as I can. I will be listening to Air America, Cspan ( ick!!!!!!!) and and other sources to compile this very IMPORTANT convention. We must take back our country period. We cannot afford Ralph Traitor and his huge ass ego to screw this up.



Finally, after all of the petitions have been signed after being devoted of his presence for the last few months heeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaack the ultimate truthseeker himself Mike Malloy will be on the premier liberal radio network Air America radio network. He will be on after The Majority Report from 10pm -1 am est. If you haven't heard this guy you can get a gander of him on his past shows on the White Rose Society Archives to see what you have been missing. He will definitely be a shot in the arm for the network not that the network isn't doing well but Mike is like well double shot caffe mocha he is eletric. I will definitely be looking forward to listening to him again.

Ronald the Ray-Gun 1911-2004

It is ironic that I was just looking at my Video concert of Gil Scott Heron. Gil performed a poem called "Shogun to Ray-Gun. The poem illustrated the fears of White Conservatives in the 1980's that resulted in the election of Ronald Reagan.

The Reagan regime rolled back the rights of all nationalities and women. The same fears resonate today. The White conservative wants someone to save them. They want to be saved from having to adapt to a new way of living and thinking.

During the Clinton era, the distrubution of wealth was almost even which meant more opportunites for others and moving out the old ways of doing things all of this was rolled back by scared stupid white conservitives selected George W. Bush.

WAKE UP AMERICA George W is a dinosaur egg of the Ray-gun era. The conservative agenda is a miserable FAILURE!!!!!!!!! This kind of thinking is DEAD, this kind of living is DEAD. Ronald the Ray-Gun is DEAD.

Cynthia Mc Kinney Not So Simple Answer

Sharon Middleton
April 11, 2004

I was just reading my email, I usually just delete my yahoo without reading them. However, I ran across an email about Cynthia Mckinney running for her old congressional seat. She lost her seat to Denise Majette who is now running for that traitor Zen Miller's seat (good riddance!!!!!!!!!).

What perplexing about this whole situation is that there are several reason why Cynthia McKinney lost her election. Ms. McKinney was targeted by Republicans for stating the Bush knew about 9-11 before it happened. She was also shunned by Democrats as well for this supposed allegation. I had the pleasure of listening to an audio documentary on July 4 the of this year by Greg Palast named "The Screwing of Cynthia McKinney." Greg Palast interviewed the journalist that made this allegation and cornered her into telling the truth that Ms. McKinney never said those things. Why wasn't she targeted like Jayson Blair, well that is a another rant for another time.

There is another issue the Jewish issue, Ms. McKinney was proponent of empathic with Palestinian issues. Like most African Americans I also emphatic with Palestinian issues no one with any sense of decency would be seeing people oppressed on a daily basis. Jewish Americans then paid for Majette to run against her. Republicans even crossed over in the primary just to vote against her along with other congressmen in the state. From the looks of the whole thing I would lay this squarely on feet of Tom Delay (R-TX) this is something he would pull. If he scared Miami County from counting votes this would be easy for for him.

But here's something else that was on the Greg Palast documentary Ms McKinney was investigating the voting scam that Katherine Harris pulled on the state of Florida among other investigations that would disturb " important business."
Ms. Kinney ran across several documents that would link 9-11 directly with the Bush Family.

Three years later Condi Rice went before the 9-11 hearing and pretty admitted that Bush knew about the 9-11 attack on
08-06-01 could have responded but instead decided to stay on his Crawford ranch and ignore the threat. Which proves one thing, Cynthia McKinney would have been RIGHT AND EXACT ... For making those allegations. Maybe she needed to leave the scene and let the whole thing unravel all by itself and it is before the Bush administration's eyes. Bush was planning to run of 9-11 now he can't because of Richard Clarke. We now have Air America who now is streaming two million on the internet and God knows how many people listening on the radio and satellite. Now Cynthia McKinney can run and win this time because we are better informed and less fearful today.

RUN CINDY RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT'S SO F*@KIN' FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

APRIL 8, 2004

The reason why I used that byline is the event of the fund raising dinner that the resident in chief Bush hosted and made fun of the Weapons of Mass Destruction. I didn't find that joke funny. My mother didn't find it funny while she was worried about my baby brother in the dessert last spring. My dad didn't think it was funny while he was glued to the television watching the bombs drop to the ground one by one. Not funny to other brother was still trying get medical attention for what happen to him in dessert storm one. Not to my sister who went on a letter writing campaign and church members who prayed for his and other soldiers safe retun. Last but not least my baby brother who came home from the fight all to find out THERE WAS NO WEAPONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

YO BITCH!!!!!!!!!!DAT SHIT AIN'T FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


APRIL 6, 2004

Today, President Bush went before a community college in South Carolina speaking about job retraining. What a farse!!!!!!!! President Bush has been shipping jobs overseas for the last three years. These are not just blue collar jobs either. These are IT jobs that they are shipping off. I am a Information Technology (IT) student my student loans are about 25,000.00 so far and my husband's loans are about the same.

Not only that but in order to get these jobs in the first place you have to be certified. Certifications are about 150.00 to 25000.00 every three years. I doubt if Microsoft or Cisco systems are requiring their overseas help to get the same certifications that we are required to have. Furthermore, I feel abandoned by our president because he has a pull-up-from-the-bootstrap mentallity. My family is trying to to do just that but, if the adminstration keep giving away all of the money to big corporations you'll create a welfare state.

When we look at the umemployment numbers on whatever news outlet you choose the numbers are screwed!!!!!!!!!! Case and point, the unemployment numbers are up not because people are working, but looking for work. The state employment commission definition of the workforce is anybody working of looking for work. When a person gets fired or laid off they have to look for two jobs a week for six months then the unemployment checks run out. That is when you see the effect of when the unemployment numbers in your state may rise because people stop looking for work when the checks run out.

There is a web site that have pleaded the case for IT students and professionals such

check it out


Sharon Middleton
MARCH 31, 2004

I fumbled through the internet trying to find it, and finally I was able to log on Hallelulah !!!!!! It finally happened AIR AMERICA.. I needed this fix since IE America left the air in February. The first kicked off with a bang. First thing I heard was Al Franken locking Ann Coulter in the closet. Then my girl Randi Rhodes toar ol' Ralph Nader a new one. Rush went into hiding for the first week of the New Network. The network is a breathe of fresh air. Even though I still listen to Pacifica Radio and will take nothing from it or format. Air America is different, the network blends humor with truthful dialogue.

What was a TRUE treat was the Saturday show called "Bring the Noise " hosted by Chuck D. who also co-host another week day show called "Unfiltered" . Bring the Noise blended old school melodies such as "Rock Steady" by Areatha Franklin, some Sly and the Family Stone along with some positive Hip Hop such as Speech and a South African Group with the name escapes me at the moment. My sugestions is to have that show on permanently!!!!!!!!!

The weekday shows are great guest are spectactular I have heard the views of Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, and even had Micheal Moore "apologize" to the man- that -should -had -been-President Al Gore about supporting Ralph Nader. The network broadcast over the internet, on satelliete radio, and several radio stations around the country.


Sign the automatic petition to chance the cabaret law at this address. ÊIt'll take seconds. ÊAnd then forward it!

Congress is considering TWO new laws that threaten to crush live music and dancing while throwing innocent people in jail. They are similar to the RAVE ACT, which fines and jails property owners for the drug offenses of their customers.

NEW! The ESCSTASY AWARENESS ACT would throw anyone in jail who "profits monetarily from a rave or similar electronic dance event knowing or having reason to know" that some people will use drugs. It could become law soon without your help.

NEW! The CLEAN-UP ACT makes it a federal crime - punishable by up to nine years in prison - to promote "any rave, dance, music or other entertainment event, that takes place under circumstances where the promoter knows or reasonably ought to know that a controlled substance will be used or distributed." It could become law soon without your help.

These proposed laws make criminals out of every concert promoter, nightclub owner, and stadium or arena owner. The government is making unreasonable demands- they can't even keep drugs out of their own prisons, yet they want to punish business owners that can't keep drugs out of their events.

Every musical style could be affected by these laws, including rock, hip-hop, country and electronic music.

Four Things You Can Do:
1 find out more about the attack on music and dancing at
2 contact congress. you can fax them for free at
3 spread the word by distributing flyers at events, sending action alerts to your email lists and putting our "never stop dancing " banner ad on your website. See "What You Can Do" at )
4 Contribute to drug Policy Alliance's campaign to stop these bills. You can

"LEGALIZE DANCING IN NYC" catch the on-going radio series

Why is it illegal to dance in most places in New York City? Although there are currently 5,000 liquor licenses in the five boroughs you can only dance in 296 places. You are not allowed to dance to the jukebox or DJ at your local bar. YOu are not allowed to move to the rock band or jazz act at your nighborhood club. In 1960 there were 12,000 cabaret licenses in the five boroughs. In 2001 there were 296.

Nightclubs are also restricted in zoning, meaning cabaret licenses are noly granted to venues in major commercial centers, industrial or manufacturing districts, effectively making it illegal to dance in any residential area. The permit process is long, costly and uncertain. Approval is required from the Dept. of Consumer Affairs, the NYC Planning Commission, The Fire Department, Buildings Department and local community boards, among others all of whom work independently from each other.

In 1997 Rudy Gulliani created the multi-agency Nightclub Enforcement Task Force to crack dwon on clubs as part of his "Quality of Life" campaign. Deputy Mayor Rudy Wahsington goes on the record stating, "We've been closing down these little buckets of blood (nightclubs) for about three years and paralyzing them." Coney Island High, Baby Jupiter, Hogs & Heifers, Vain, Rivertown Lounge, No Moore, Kintting Factory and Lakeside Lounge are just a few of the places that have been fined or padlocked for illegal dancing.

A survey sponsored by the New York Nightlife Association and conducted by Audeince Research and Analysis reporst that approximately 24.3 million people come to New York City's music and dance clubs per year, exceeding the combined attendance of Broadway theaters, city sports teams, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Empire State Building, while contributing $2.9 billion to the city's economy and providing over 27,000 jobs.

Social dancing is not a safety issue. This does not mean we don't support strict compliance with all fire safety codes, capacity numbers, noise ordinances, alcohol and drug laws, only that the act of dancing never be restrained in any manner.

Keep "Granpa" Al Lewis and his lovely wife Karen in your prayers and thoughts he is a true freedom fighter. He can be heard on WBAI Live every Saturday 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m.

I dont know if you heard but there is another Republican that is running for President in the New Hampshire primary his name is John Buchanan. He was the one that broke the story about Bush being a Nazi. I got this off of the DU website. If you want to read more about this here is his website I think that democrats can vote in the Republican primary so I urge EVERYONE to vote in the republican primary for John Buchanan.

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