Ronald the Ray-Gun 1911-2004

It is ironic that I was just looking at my Video concert of Gil Scott Heron. Gil performed a poem called "Shogun to Ray-Gun. The poem illustrated the fears of White Conservatives in the 1980's that resulted in the election of Ronald Reagan.

The Reagan regime rolled back the rights of all nationalities and women. The same fears resonate today. The White conservative wants someone to save them. They want to be saved from having to adapt to a new way of living and thinking.

During the Clinton era, the distrubution of wealth was almost even which meant more opportunites for others and moving out the old ways of doing things all of this was rolled back by scared stupid white conservitives selected George W. Bush.

WAKE UP AMERICA George W is a dinosaur egg of the Ray-gun era. The conservative agenda is a miserable FAILURE!!!!!!!!! This kind of thinking is DEAD, this kind of living is DEAD. Ronald the Ray-Gun is DEAD.

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