Camille Cosby's Speech

Camille Cosby's Speech

It is even more crucial to vote this year. Imagine what would happen if Bush is in the White House when this issue comes up in 2007!! Below you will find a speech that Bill Cosby's wife gave at a function. Everyone please read this and pass it on to as many African Americans you come in contact with.

Camille Cosby just made a reference about the Voting Rights Act in her most recent open letter on racism. This is extremely important. We are quickly approaching the 21st Century and we were wondering, and when I say 'we', I mean others of us out there who wonder if everyone else out there knows what the significance of the year 2007 is to Black America? Did you know that our right to VOTE will expire in the year 2007? Seriously! The Voters Rights Act signed in 1965 by Lyndon B. Johnson was just an ACT. It was not made a law.

In 1982, Ronald Reagan amended the Voters Rights Act for another 25 years. Which means that in the year 2007 we could lose the Right to vote! Does anyone realize that African Americans are the only group of people who require PERMISSION under the United States Constitution to vote! In the year 2007, Congress will once again convene to decide whether or not Blacks should retain the rights to vote (crazy but true). In order for this to be passed, 38 states will have to approve an extension. This is ludicrous! Not only should the extension be approved, but also the ACT must be made a law. Our right to vote should no longer be up for discussion! , review and/or evaluation.

We must contact our Congress-persons, Senators, Alderpersons, etc., to put a stop to this! As bona fide Citizens of the United States, we cannot "drop the ball" on this one! We have come too far to let government make us take such a huge step backward. So please, let us push forward to continue to build the momentum towards gaining equality. Please pass this onto others, as we are sure that many more individuals are not aware of this. I urge all of you that are able, to contact those in government that have your vote and make them aware of our combined concern for this issue. One voice!...... One Vote! You cannot complain, if you do not participate.....local, State, & national......

When I received this one I had no choice but to pass it on.

What are we gonna now!!!!!!!!

I have this to say to that. We lost because we letthe DLC take over DNC once again in our elections. First of all as far as Ralph Nader is concerned weneed him at the table this time we don't need him as an advisary we need him at the head of the table.
Second the Democratic Party needs to back to their roots. No more fancy parties, no letting Bush getaway with losing uranium that why Dashle lost stopletting the republican party push the agenda of moraland high grounds when they FUCK up bash 'em, get intheir face call the Hanitys and the Lintball and call them on their shit.
The conservatives believe that itis revelution time they have no clue what is coming down the pike.
Thirdly we need to take it to 'em start mobilizing for voter reform. No one should wait four hours to vote and when they do the machines don't work,not only that we don't have alot of time we have only5 seats in the senate to hold on to. We have got to start putting a foot in the behind of the senators to get this done. Going back to Ralph, I think that thisshould be his next crusade voter reform.

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