Americans Are Addicted to Indulgence

We Americans have been on a rampant escapade to indulge in just about everything. Stuff ranging from make-up, automobiles, expensive clothing, fast food, slow food, toys, drugs, alcohol, medicine, big screen TV's, iPods, cell phones, houses, gadgets, and the list could go on for quite some time. Think about it to yourself for a second. Think about how much money you have wasted on stuff you do not even have or use anymore. We intend to "one up" our neighbors. We purchase better clothing, bigger TV's, better cars, a bigger boat, a bigger house. We do this because as a society we believe that bigger, better, faster, is the way to be. We purchase this stuff, and some of it is necessary, and some of it is not. We indulge in both the stuff we need, and stuff we do not need. I would like to talk about the stuff we do not need.

Stuff we do not need floods our homes, might I add these are homes we do not even own. Hardly any of us own the cars we drive in. Look around at your friends and ask them if they own their car, I bet the percentage who do own is low. Some of us do not even own the computers we use to purchase all this useless stuff. Instead of saving our money, we spend our money, we borrow more money, we live beyond our means.

Indulgence is like a drug, and most American's are addicted. We have dug a hole so deep its going to be a tuff climb out. Each individual will need to use their own will power to climb out of this mess. Ill say it again, the hole is deep, and it will be an incredible climb. It starts with you, and no one else. Stop the spending and get yourself into financial shape.

We American's must now realize that the unnecessary spending has gone on for to long. It is time to stop the spending. The Federal Reserve is running their printing press 24/7. Our Federal Reserve has printed one trillion dollar bills from 2007-09. These dollars are sitting in commercial banks waiting to be loaned out to American's who want to continue their spending escapades. Do not join in on this trickery, we have done it for to long. The government is not the hand that feeds you, stop giving in to their lies. Government sponsored programs such as health care, only means more tax dollars from your pocket. The American Government is the epitome of indulgence. Do not follow their lead, they are wasteful. It is we American's who keep this system going. If we do not step up, and demand real changes, (not the changes promised to us by Obama, that will never happen), then we as American's are doomed as free people.

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