I Believe Large Retailers Fear Their Employees!

It would seem we've become more of a socialist society than capitalist one, which I think is hurting many businesses' profitability. Today companies in general are rightfully worried about their image as good corporate citizens. A larger part of that has to do with how employees perceive them, not the actual reality of situations that happen. I'm going to share one situation how and why retailers fear their employees.

Most candidates desperate for a job are not totally transparent with their interviewers. Many retailers I know go over with each candidate the needs of the business pertaining to the position. Maybe saying we are looking for those with open availability, we need you to show-up 10 minutes before, and these are the duties and expectations we require daily. Are you able to do these things? If the candidate meets the criteria and agrees a job offer with those expectations is presented for the person to sign. Many have what I call a hidden agenda, wait out their 3 month probation period, and then out of nowhere bring-out their issues. Something along these lines, I'm not sure if I mentioned this to you but I have these health issues. I went to my physician yesterday who has provided me with a doctor's note. I no longer am able to do all my duties, need Tuesday's off for treatment, and because of these health issues require a revised schedule. Now the dilemma begins...

The company hired that employee to work certain hours, explained it in the interview piece, and had them sign the job offer stating all. If they fire the employee because of no longer being able to meet the needs of business could be a huge problem. Maybe be considered possible discrimination, labor board issues because of the doctor's note. The worst part if the employee writes on social media how the company was not compassionate to their issues could be devastating. If you remember at the beginning of this I mentioned we've become more socialist than capitalist, who knows if some group with the same health issues doesn't start rallying against the company. It doesn't matter the company was transparent with that employee, today it is all about perception not reality.

It really is terrible that so many people are having all kinds of health and mental issues today, companies didn't go into business to be non-profit organizations, but to provide jobs and opportunities to those who will help them grow. It's not right that any company should fear the people they pay to work for them, make employee accommodations that effect their bottom lines, and that the public has become so judgemental not looking at both sides before reacting. The problem is also with those employees who do not have those issues now have to pick-up the slack, feeling favoritism, and becoming disengaged, maybe even stress-out work related costing the company even more money. I understand that people need to make a living, but there are too many exceptions simply because employers fearing their employees! By Arnold Nadler

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