The Winds Of Change

The point of conjecture in this Presidential election is not the bravado of Trump but having this nation regain the stature both nationally and internationally we had decades ago. To do this is to recognize that one of the most questionable tactics by the media today is placing our future at risk. With the most comprehensive push to curb carbon emissions coming from this recent Paris Climate Change Conference one has to wonder considering the Republican Presidential contenders state of denial on climate change will this accord be ripped apart like they are trying to do with the Affordable Health Care Act if anyone of them gets elected? Yet, the media all they are focusing on are opinion polls on who favors who. They are completely ignoring one of the most important solutions to the dangers already in play by our continued consumption of fuels. Energy sources that have only contributed to the acceleration of so much devastation of the earth's environment.

It would make good sense to use this Paris accord as a first step in ushering the changes that are so desperately needed to repair our infrastructure, secure our energy grid against all contingencies, and to implement the fuel sources that will power the world into the future and the third and final industrial revolution. We have the technology, the resources and the availability to ride ourselves of the fuel that powered the first two industrial revolutions. It has been for some time that the only reason why the US hasn't led the world in ushering in alternate green energy sources to power our nation is the enormous amount of money still generated by fossil fuel. It is this blatant greed by the oil conglomerates that have caused so much anguish, misery and devastation all around the world. We continue to see the horrendous atrocities committed by leaders of nations, organizations and individuals who are attempting to capitalize on retaining their hold on oil and the profits that it continues to bring in.

The first step to ensure this nations future is not electing a Trump or any of these bonafide Republican wannabe's. It is done through education and the wiliness of the public to realize the consequences of not implementing sound economic policies. Something the President has tried to do for years but, has been thwarted time and time again by these same Republican's that are stomping the campaign circuit theses days. The time is now while the leaders of many nations finally have come to a mutual agreement to implement available technologies that have a much greater potential for financial gain as well as an environmental impact that will ease the strife of so many millions around the world. Today, we continue to see the horrendous after effects of what global warming has already done to our environment by our reluctance to admit that fossil fuel is the greatest incubator of global warming and all the after effects that are rendering our planet inhospitable.

What has to happen in order to secure that the success of the Paris Climate Change Conference is not in vain is for the United States to first repair the damages of years of economic policies that have only entrenched the Oil industries strangle hold over the economy. This has only resulted in the greatest income disparity gap in history and impoverished the majority of Americans. The Media meanwhile has been complicit with the existing powers that be who continue to control the purse strings of incumbency of too many elected officials.

What to do? Repairing our infrastructure, energy grid, and economy go hand in hand. A total national economic reform agenda, one that will revitalize our nation is imperative to secure this nations future. Having the majority of Americans being able to achieve the "Williams Theory of Economic Evolution" is necessary for the stability of this nation and of every other nation as well. There are ten articles of confederation that when initiated simultaneously will produce the results that accomplishes what so many Americans really need to keep the American Dream alive.

What many Americans are hearing today is that the winds of change are not the kind of winds that produces a resurgence of economic growth but just the opposite. It is essential that we embrace the kinds of change that ushers in the dawn of a new age of peace and prosperity. One, that can only come when we dissolve ourselves of the dependency of fuel sources that by design are instrumental for the continuation of much of the worlds turbulence. The winds of change using energy sources that are now available through the development of new technologies will be the basis for the future of mankind. Together, with the implementation of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation that future will be that much brighter for all.

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